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Muffle Furnace

Vacuum Muffle Furnace for Biomass Decomposition

Efficient, predictable pyrolysis requires an oxygen-free environment with precise temperature control. Find out why biomass decomposition researchers trust our vacuum muffle furnaces to check both boxes, all while reducing equipment costs and daily cycles. Read More

Ceramic Resin Firing and Sintering

Ceramic requires high temperatures—often over 1000°C—to take on the sturdiness and heat resistance that make it so useful. This brief guide introduces our high-temperature muffle furnaces and explains their crucial role in ceramic firing for research and production. Read More

Why & When to Choose a Vacuum Furnace for Your Lab

To vacuum or not to vacuum? The materials you handle may dictate the answer, but large samples or tight budgets can make the choice more difficult. Dig into the trade-offs between these laboratory mainstays, and learn how our vacuum muffle furnaces offer the best of both worlds. Read More

Vacuum Muffle Furnace with Quartz Chamber

Ceramic chambers are cost-effective and perform well. But for some samples, it’s essential to avoid any chance of contamination with dusty ceramic residues. Discover how our quartz-chamber vacuum muffle furnaces eliminates contamination risk and even helps to preserve heating elements. Read More

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Cart Furnace

Particularly large or numerous samples can be time-consuming to process even with the largest benchtop muffle furnaces. As you’ll see, our cart furnace offers extraordinary capacity for high throughput at high temperatures. Read More

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Using SH Muffle Furnace for a New Cathode Recycling Method

Cutting-edge cathode recycling techniques are poised to assuage long-standing environmental concerns, alleviate growing financial pressures, and meet political objectives all at once. Read More

Tube Furnace

High Vacuum Tube Furnace

A high vacuum (typically 10-3 to 10-7 mbar) is essential for samples that are particularly prone to oxidation. Our high-vacuum tube furnace achieves this with dual pumps, for precise environmental control at temperatures as high as 1800°C. Read More

Sliding Tube Furnaces For Rapid Heating & Cooling

Tube furnaces afford precise temperature ramping thanks to digital controllers, but cooling is decidedly lower-tech in most cases. Learn how our sliding tube furnace uses a simple rail mechanism for instantaneous heat exposure and quicker passive cooling. Read More

Tube Furnace for Silicon Wafer Oxidation

Silicon wafer production is, of course, a basic necessity for microchip R&D. In laboratory settings, one common technique is dry oxidation. It typically demands a quartz tube furnace for precise temperature and atmospheric control under very high heat.

Whatever the target temperature, it’s critical to ramp up by as little as a few degrees per minute. More aggressive heating is liable to create a temperature differential that warps or cracks the wafer, rendering it useless.

Our tube furnaces mitigate this risk thanks to two key features: multiple hot zones and automatic sliding.

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Tube Furnace for Battery R&D

Battery research and production require multiple heat treatments, the precision of which directly impacts energy density, lifespan, and safety. From standard sintering and annealing to cutting-edge CVD, see how our tube furnace lines enable tomorrow’s transformational technologies. Read More

Healthcare & Medical Applications of Tube Furnaces

Many modern healthcare products, from implants to surgical training equipment, are the result of 3D printing. These printed ceramics and metals often require heat treatment to become dense and resilient. Tube furnaces provide the temperature control and non-oxidative conditions necessary for safe, trustworthy implants and equipment. Read More

Tube Furnaces for Laboratories

Commercial and research labs alike rely on tube furnaces for many core tasks. Predictable results require uniform temperatures (both between cycles and across hot zones) as well as precise inert gas management. Our innovative materials and cutting-edge controls add up to one of the most value-packed tube furnaces on the market, optionally available as a turn-key package with a chiller and vacuum pump. Read More


Autoclave for Laboratory

Autoclaves are ubiquitous in all types of laboratories, but some are simply easier to use than others. Discover the intuitive design features, accessible prices, and easy set-up that make SH autoclaves the choice of labs around the world. Read More

Autoclaves for Mushroom Growers

Mushroom cultivation requires sterile substrates and grain spawn. Many cultivators rely on pressure cookers, which are technically adequate but extremely hard to manage past a certain scale. A research-grade autoclave can affordably streamline sterilization and free up time for other tasks. Read More

Autoclaves for Wineries

Legitimate microbiological test results demand uncompromising sterilization. Without dedicated equipment, it’s a struggle. For instance, many wineries use pressure cookers to sanitize glassware (like petri dishes) for microbiological tests. Read More

Autoclave Comparison

Autoclaves span an enormous range of prices. Features like trivially higher maximum pressure, or unnecessary UL certification, lead some labs to spend several times what an equally dependable autoclave ought to cost. Read on to see how SH autoclaves stack up against the household names. Read More

Smart Autoclave 300M

For years, our line of autoclaves went up to 150 liters in capacity, which still suffices for most labs. After a growing number of requests for something larger, we’ve introduced a 300-liter model. Find out what you can expect from our newest, most voluminous ready-to-use autoclave. Read More

Autoclave or All-American Pressure Cooker – What’s Right For You

Many mushroom cultivators prepare their substrates and grain spawn in the well-known All American 50X-120V. This model is a terrific upgrade from a run-of-the-mill pressure cooker, but as you’ll see, it lacks the safety features and set-it-and-forget-it operation of a (surprisingly affordable) autoclave. Read More

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How To Sterilize Growth Media The Easy Way

Sterilizing agar and other growth media is a common bottleneck. Pressure cookers and even rice cookers are viable, to some extent, but require time and attention that are better spent on other parts of your cultivation process. Read More

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Autoclaves and Textile Industry

Textile recycling can mitigate these harms, but its role is more limited than popular understanding suggests. More efficient and commercially viable techniques will solve a pressing environmental need, and may hold enormous financial upside for whoever pioneers them. Read More


Battery R & D and Inflation Reduction Act

The climate bill, formerly known as the Inflation Reduction Act, allocates $369 billion to clean energy and energy security. Electric vehicle tax benefits and energy R&D incentives constitute a large portion of these funds, and should increase battery demand past its already unprecedented levels. Learn more about how our state-of-the-art furnaces can help battery researchers and producers seize the opportunity presented by this landmark legislation. Read More

Post Electrochemical Society Conference Reflection

In mid-October, we had the privilege of traveling to Atlanta for the 242nd Electrochemical Society Meeting. As a supplier of several battery laboratories, we were eager to see how today’s most innovative teams use heat treatment in novel ways. As usual, the gathering did not disappoint, with researchers from several prominent universities providing a glimpse into the future of battery design—and into how cutting-edge labs are using SH Scientific tube furnaces to make real-world discoveries. Read More