Muffle Furnace for Labs

SH Muffle Furnace
Rapid Heat Control

Through decades of R&D, we’ve refined our line to deliver high performance and world-class quality that save time and cost.

But what sets SH Scientific muffle furnaces apart?

Rapid, Precise Heating

All models feature state-of-the-art heating elements made of Kanthal (1050°C and 1200°C), SiC (1500°C), or MoSi2 (1800°C). These materials are temperature-specific to provide the best possible balance of temperature stability, energy use, and longevity under real-world operation.

Heat settings are handled by a trustworthy digital controller accurate to just ±1°C. Programmable controllers are available for most models.

The interior is surrounded by ceramic insulation, which not only minimizes energy consumption and temperature variation, but keeps the furnace safe to touch while operating.

Versatile & Trusted Equipment

Your goal is to explore the frontiers of research or production. Ours is to equip you with dependable performance at the push of a button.

  • Quickly melt samples for molding, coating, enameling, etc.
  • Sinter and anneal metals and ceramics to create pure, resilient finished goods
  • Rapidly perform combustion and ashing analyses
  • Debind and handle by-products from plastics and polymers

From the temperature-specific heating elements right down to the positioning of insulation, we’ve obsessed over nuances that add up to a muffle furnace that just works. No wasting time on slow heating, temperamental controls, or complex set-up.


Who Uses SH Muffle Furnaces?

We’re proud to be the choice of high-tech companies and university labs, including:

  • Academic researchers in materials engineering, chemistry, and environmental science
  • Oil and gas producers
  • Aerospace and defense R&D labs
  • General metallurgical facilities
  • Cutting-edge graphene and solid-state battery producers
  • Medical implant labs
  • Construction materials manufacturers
  • Environmental and consumer-goods safety analysts


Your Next Steps

At SH, we aim to supply muffle furnaces that are easy to live with in every respect. That starts long before taking delivery, with USA-based sales, shipping, and support teams that are available on your schedule.

We encourage you to explore our full range of muffle furnaces, and we welcome your call or email any time.

Don’t see exactly what you’re looking for? No problem!

Whether you’d like to talk tech specs, discuss customizations, or simply learn more about owning and using SH products, please reach out today.

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