Step into the future of heat treatment with the SH Scientific’s Rotary Tube Furnace, also known as the lab scale rotary kiln, tailored for continuous pyrolysis.

Standout Rotary Tube Furnace Features:

  1. Quartz Tube View Port: This Rotary Kiln offers a distinctive Quartz view port, ensuring meticulous monitoring of sample distribution inside the tube, guaranteeing every operation’s precision.
  2. Heating Jackets: Say goodbye to tar buildup between the heat zones, feeder, and collector. Our rotary tube furnace is engineered to provide uninterrupted efficiency.
  3. Multiple Hot Zones: Whether you need two, three, or five hot zones, our lab scale rotary kiln has you covered. Custom configurations are also available upon request.
  4. Versatile Applications: Be it food waste processing, high-purity battery material development, or any other specialized requirement, this rotary kiln is your multifaceted solution.
  5. Energy-Efficient & Resilient: Benefit from quick heat-up and enduring operations with our kiln’s Kanthal-A heating element and ceramic insulation.

With the SH Scientific Lab Scale Rotary Kiln, also known as the rotary tube furnace, experience the harmonious blend of precision, real-time monitoring, and adaptability in one state-of-the-art package. Your quest for perfection finds its match here.

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