Step into the future of heat treatment with the SH Scientific’s Rotary Tube Furnace, also known as the lab scale rotary kiln, tailored for continuous pyrolysis.

What’s New in 2024

  • (Optional) Digital Vacuum Precision Meter by DigiVac
  • (Optional) Laboratory Gas-Drying Unit by Drierite™ with Connector
  • (Optional) Testo 300 Combustion Analyzer for Monitoring Oxygen-free atmosphere inside the chamber or tube and measure combustion gas and synthetic gas components

Standout Rotary Tube Furnace Features:

  1. Quartz Tube View Port: This Rotary Kiln offers a distinctive Quartz view port, ensuring meticulous monitoring of sample distribution inside the tube, guaranteeing every operation’s precision.
  2. Heating Jackets: Say goodbye to tar buildup between the heat zones, feeder, and collector. Our rotary tube furnace is engineered to provide uninterrupted efficiency.
  3. Multiple Hot Zones: Whether you need two, three, or five hot zones, our lab scale rotary kiln has you covered. Custom configurations are also available upon request.
  4. Versatile Applications: Be it food waste processing, high-purity battery material development, or any other specialized requirement, this rotary kiln is your multifaceted solution.
  5. Energy-Efficient & Resilient: Benefit from quick heat-up and enduring operations with our kiln’s Kanthal-A heating element and ceramic insulation.

With the SH Scientific Lab Scale Rotary Kiln, also known as the rotary tube furnace, experience the harmonious blend of precision, real-time monitoring, and adaptability in one state-of-the-art package. Your quest for perfection finds its match here.