2 Reasons Customers Love Our Vacuum Muffle Furnaces

Vacuum Muffle Furnace

2 Reasons Customers Love Our Vacuum Muffle Furnaces

Large, oxidation-prone samples pose a dilemma.

Conventional muffle furnaces accommodate bulky items but struggle with inert gas saturation.

Tube furnaces, on the other hand, excel in atmospheric management but are best suited to smaller samples.

Our vacuum muffle furnace is the first to offer large capacity and superb atmospheric control at an accessible price.

Could it be the solution for your facility, too?

1. Convenient operation

Every SH furnace uses a state-of-the-art digital controller for trustworthy and granular profile management.

That means users can expect:

  • Intuitive programming for custom heating profiles.
  • High precision and ± 1° C uniformity.
  • At-a-glance updates on temperature, time remaining, and progress within the profile.

No matter how long or intricate your thermal treatment cycle is, you can be confident that it’ll execute exactly as specified.

2. Compelling value for world-class performance

Our vacuum muffle design is unique, but we realize that other furnaces abound.

From well-known firms to questionable imitations, the selection is almost too broad to track.

Our line rivals the performance of major brands, at prices that no other in-house manufacturer can match.

One corporation we’ve equipped is General Atomics, an energy and defense firm that researches and produces nuclear power technologies and cutting-edge aerial surveillance equipment.

Here’s what General Atomics engineer Kurt Tomlinson had to say about our vacuum muffle furnace:

We use it only for stress relieving small beryllium parts, so the size is perfect for

our application. The temperature profile consists of a 1 hour ramp from room

temperature to 760C, holding for an hour, then a 15 hour ramp to 690C, and finally

a 10 hour ramp to 200C[…] We do the stress relieving under vacuum.
The furnace performs exactly as advertised and I think, for this type, it may be the best value on the market.

That’s the result of narrow focus, decades of iteration, and a conscientious choice to remain just small enough to control every aspect of design and production.

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Our vacuum muffle furnace is a cost-effective blend of high performance and exemplary ease of use.

For facilities with more unique demands, we can also develop and produce virtually any conceivable customization.

To learn more or discuss your lab’s workflow, contact our US sales team today.