4 Ways SH Scientific Tube Furnaces Stand Out

4 Ways SH Scientific Tube Furnaces Stand Out

Labs worldwide are choosing SH Scientific tube furnaces over well-known alternatives.

With total customizability, unmatched convenience, and world-class specs, we offer one of the most compelling tube furnace lines around.

Here’s how.

Wide range of tube sizes

Within reason, larger tubes make a furnace more versatile as your samples and workflows evolve.

Many manufacturers simply don’t offer tubes in the 100–120 mm range. Others do, but only at a prohibitively high cost.

Off the shelf, SH furnaces are readily available with tube diameters up to 120 mm, easily accommodating samples of about 4″ x 4″. Lead time is minimal: we typically receive quartz tubes in about 4 weeks, and alumina in 8–10.

For even larger samples, 200 and 274 mm tubes are also available as a custom order. These generally arrive in 6–12 weeks, depending on the material.

High maximum operating temperatures

Some processes, like pyrolysis of resin or ceramic matrix composites, require temperatures beyond the range of most tube furnaces.

Our highest-heat model is capable of 1800° C, with a recommended operating temperature of 1650° C.

Turn-key system with full atmospheric control

Atmospheric control is the main practical advantage of a tube furnace. Successful thermal treatment depends on inert gas saturation, dependable vacuum performance, and/or positive pressure maintenance.

We provide all of this in a preconfigured, turn-key package complete with:

  • Low-noise vacuum pump
  • Digital mass flow controller
  • Back pressure regulator

These also make it easy to evacuate the chamber and flush it with inert gas—even for multiple cycles—before starting a heating cycle.

Superior sealing masks

Silicone sealing gaskets are prone to hardening over time. It’s a direct result of prolonged exposure to high heat, and gradually undermines atmospheric control.

Our proprietary water cooling system virtually eliminates the hardening of sealing masks. A recirculating chiller flushes water through dedicated ports in the door assembly, at an energy-efficient ­20° C.

How can we help?

From instructional labs to cutting-edge research facilities, we offer a high-performance tube furnace for every budget and workflow.
To discuss technical specifications, or explore customizations, please reach out to our US sales team today.