How Mushroom Cultivators Do More With SH Scientific Autoclaves

Mushroom Facilities Sterilizing Mushroom Substrate with SH Autoclave

How Mushroom Cultivators Do More With SH Scientific Autoclaves

An autoclave is one of the most helpful upgrades that most mushroom cultivators will ever make.

It’s obviously not the only way to sterilize your substrates or grain spawn. After all, the trusty pressure cooker is a stalwart companion of newer growers.

But as you scale up, one pressure cooker (or DIY steam sterilizer) turns into several. Keeping tabs on them practically turns into its own job.

Our autoclaves automate time and temperature management, so you (or your team) can stay focused on all the other moving pieces of your business.

And thanks to a bevy of safety features—think pressure-sensitive door locks and heat-reducing surfaces—there’s no need to walk on eggshells when your autoclave does need attention.

Who uses SH autoclaves?

Fungtional Labs is a mushroom cultivator and supplier for both the nutraceutical and consumer markets. They emphasize a “spore to store” initiative that empowers hobbyists, home-growers, and commercial cultivators alike.

Business has boomed in recent years. To keep up that pace, management opened a second Fungtional Labs warehouse in December 2022.

With the new site came the need for new equipment, including a set of large autoclaves to support continued growth.

Their choice? Three of SH Scientific’s 150-liter SH-AC-150M.

Optimized Autoclave Setup

Hands-on feedback from real-world cultivators

The proof of the pudding is in the eating, and the proof of the autoclave is in the sterilizing.

On that point, we’ll defer to Fungtional Labs founder and CEO Rico Gutierrez.

He notes that “SH Scientific’s autoclaves have helped us level up our production and help us ensure that we are providing quality sterilized products to all of our clients.”

Needless to say, sterilization is the ultimate criterion. Our design process revolves around making it as consistent and efficient as possible.

But usability is a close second.

Our autoclaves may be machines, but they’re machines that actual human beings need to understand, trust, and even enjoy working with.

To quote Mr. Gutierrez once again, “Compared to our previous autoclaves, SH Scientific’s are sleek, compact and beautifully designed without compromising the quality[…] They are user friendly, and new employees find it very easy to use.”

Growing your business with SH Scientific

You’ll find our autoclaves in side-businesses, major government labs, and everywhere in between.

Whatever your workflow demands, odds are we’ve got a cost-effective model to support your growth and competitiveness.

To discuss specs or explore customizations, please reach out to our US sales team today.