Elevate Your Workspace: Introducing the Next-Level Laminar Flow Fan Filter Unit

Elevate Your Workspace: Introducing the Next-Level Laminar Flow Fan Filter Unit

We’re proud to serve clientele ranging from major commercial operations to small businesses.

For the latter, we aim for world-class performance in simpler, more affordable, more compact forms. In other words, equipment that doesn’t require a large facility or an institutional budget.

To that end, we’ve designed the ultimate laminar flow fan filter unit (FFU) as a low-cost, high-value alternative to our flagship laminar flow clean bench.

  • A 99.99%-efficient HEPA filter (at 0.3 microns) provides superior filtration for sensitive lab work.
  • Genuinely even air distribution—a rarity in FFUs.
  • “Plug-and-play” delivery with minimal set-up required.
  • Best-in-class airflow controls, ranging from 0–1080 CFM at velocities of 0–50 ft/min.
  • Equipped with a remote control, so there’s no need to reach behind to adjust power or airflow.
  • Quiet operation at just 50–60 dB.
  • Stackable design with secure, locking brackets.

For serious mushroom cultivators, it’s a large and accessible step up from the fuss and constraints of a still air box, or from the questionable efficacy of a DIY or off-brand fan set-up.

And for our friends at Mycology Simplified, a mycology supply retailer, our FFU has already become a workflow staple.

Consistent Use, Consistent Results

For small or solo operators, equipment upgrades are supposed to make life easier, not harder. That starts the moment you open the box.

Underscoring its plug-and-play nature, the Mycology Simplified team remarked that “[i]t arrived packaged so well that it took longer to unbox than set up!”

But what happens when the rubber meets the road? After all, budget equipment abounds, but it’s often prone to issues—and short on support.

Are those no-name FFUs cheap? Yes.

Are they a good value? We think not.

As we see it, value implies a certain longevity. After several months of use, Kasey at Mycology Simplified tells us, “I have used it every day since it arrived and probably poured 1000 agar plates with it and not a single issue had popped up” (emphasis ours).

Strikingly Smooth Airflow

The more laminar (streamlined) the airflow, the more effectively it fends off airborne contaminants.

Granted, any circulation is better than none, but most other fan filter units lose some effectiveness to turbulence.

We didn’t see much value in offering an FFU that was affordable but only marginally useful, so we took a painstaking approach to aerodynamics.

And the proof’s in the pudding, as Kasey noted:

“I am really impressed by the simplicity and quality of the flow. I have an anemometer and it is extremely consistent across the entire filter surface. Not one spot of uneven flow which is not very common in these units“.

Usability & Aesthetics

Our FFU’s performance speaks for itself, but we’d be remiss not to highlight a few design and usability points, as well.

According to the customer, “The control system is really nice! I wish it was visible from the front because I think it is a great feature and just looks great! The remote control works well and is a nice option that keeps me from having to squeeze behind the unit to make changes!”

Value and performance are, and will always be, our top priorities. But given the opportunity to design from the ground up, we might as well make it pleasant to use and pleasant to see in your workspace, too!

The Right Choice for You?

If you need an affordable way to create a contaminant-free workspace, then our fan filter unit offers the strongest value and performance in its class.

To end with Mycology Simplified’s own words, “So far it’s a solid unit and I would absolutely[…] suggest it to others.”

To learn more, or to discuss customizations, drop our US sales office a line today!