Our New 300L Autoclave: Elevating the Standards for Mushroom Growers

300 Liter Capacity Autoclave

Our New 300L Autoclave: Elevating the Standards for Mushroom Growers

In our unwavering commitment to advancing the realm of mushroom cultivation, SH Scientific understands the pivotal role of reliable and proficient tools. We’ve listened to your demands for equipment that boosts productivity while simplifying day-to-day tasks. It’s with great pride that we unveil our latest innovation: The SH Scientific 300 Liter large capacity autoclave, effortlessly processing up to 600lbs daily.

Specifications & Features:

Expansive Chamber Design: Boasting a 300L chamber with dimensions of 637mm (25.1″) in diameter and 952mm (37.5″) in height, we’ve engineered this to optimize productivity. Its design distinctly surpasses benchtop horizontal autoclaves, pressure cookers, and vertical autoclaves in cost-efficiency. With its intelligent structure, this 300L autoclave can yield nearly triple the output of a 150L counterpart. With this model, you’re equipped to handle up to 600lbs daily.
Large Door: The 20″ door makes loading and unloading mushroom grain bags a breeze.
Seamless Operations: Discover unmatched convenience with our “SET and FORGET” feature. With its fully automated capabilities, simply start the process and let our device do the rest, removing the necessity for constant monitoring. With proper planning, you can efficiently run two cycles daily.

Diverse Sterilization Capabilities: From sterilizing laboratory glassware and growth media like agar to varied mushroom grains (rye berry, millet, corn, and more) – we’ve ensured our autoclave does it all efficiently at 121°C and 20psi.

Prioritizing Safety and Efficiency: Our design features an automatic vacuum prevention system for added safety. The double casing ensures your room remains at a comfortable temperature while also providing burn protection. With our manual steam release control valve, you can systematically vent steam after use, promoting quicker cooling and significantly reducing the risks tied to rapid pressure changes that could harm mushroom grain bags.

Modern Pressure Gauge: Our cutting-edge pressure gauge showcases both psi and bar readings, granting you a complete insight into the internal operations.

Optimal Performance Levels: Designed for rigorous use, our autoclave can achieve an impressive maximum temperature of 130°C (266°F) and a pressure of 30psi (0.2MPa, 2.0bar).

The Edge of Our Autoclave:

This isn’t just another piece of equipment. It’s a manifestation of our commitment to you. We’ve attentively heeded feedback from our dear partners in the mushroom-growing community. You asked for time-saving, reliable solutions, and we answered with a formidable increase in per-cycle volume.
Say goodbye to the tedious hours spent with limited-yield pressure cookers. Our Smart Autoclave 300M embodies user-centricity, designed to facilitate expansive sterilization with minimal fuss.
If you’re considering elevating your operations and amplifying your cultivation yield, we firmly believe our new Smart Autoclave 300M is your answer.

Trust & Unwavering Support:

When you invest in our autoclave, you’re also placing your trust in SH Scientific’s legacy of dedication and unmatched customer service. We proudly extend warranty support right from the U.S., emphasizing our unyielding commitment to you.
With a legacy stretching back to 1982, we have pioneered and mastered autoclave development and manufacturing. Our brand resonates with unmatched temperature uniformity, and we’ve honed our skills in crafting top-tier vertical autoclaves.
Unveiling the SH Scientific 300L Autoclave isn’t just a product announcement; it’s our promise of continued innovation and an unwavering focus on addressing the evolving needs of mushroom growers. Welcome to the next chapter of efficient mushroom cultivation; it’s smarter, bigger, and crafted with you in mind.