Since 1982, SH Scientific’s vertical autoclaves (pressurized steam sterilizers) have been the choice of academic labs, research facilities, commercial mushroom cultivators, brewery and distillery and more. Our top loading, laboratory and non-medical grade autoclaves are used to sterilize labware, glassware, growth media, fermenter vessel, bioreactor, mushroom substrate and grains and etc.

Over the course of four decades, our in-house scientists and engineers have developed some of the safest and most intuitive autoclaves on the market. We use a vertical design for cost-effective yield and turnaround at all capacities: 60L, 100L or 150L. Great compliment from mushroom farmers since they save labors and streamline the process compared with those with small pressure cookers.

With rapid heating time and excellent temperature uniformity (± 1°C at 121°C), our Korean-built autoclave line is widely used for biomedical research as well as general-purpose medical and chemical sterilization.

School & University Labs
  • Sterilizes glass bioreactors and glass bottles.
  • Sterilizes bottles, growth media, pipette tips and etc.
  • Sterilizes microorganisms and decontaminate certain biological waste.
  • Sterilizes labware like beaker and large flasks.
  • Recommended products – SH AC 60M (60 liter autoclave), SH AC 100M (100 liter autoclave)
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