Wafer Processing

Wafer Processing refers to the thermal treatments applied to silicon wafers in semiconductor production, including oxidation, silicon doping, LPCVD, and annealing. SH Scientific’s tube furnaces are designed for space efficiency and cost-effectiveness, accommodating various wafer sizes and customizable features. Key applications include:

  • Oxidation: Forming a silicon dioxide layer via dry or wet oxidation.
  • Silicon Doping: Introducing dopants to control wafer resistivity.
  • LPCVD: Depositing layers of materials like SiO2 or polysilicon.
  • Annealing: Activating dopants and refining structures.

These furnaces offer precise temperature control, customizable configurations, and compact designs suitable for cleanroom environments.

For more details on how SH Scientific Tube furnaces for Wafer Processing are used, visit this page.