Smart Autoclave 300M

300L Large Capacity Autoclave

Smart Autoclave 300M

We asked. You answered. We built.

Scores of customers running thousands of cycles have made one thing clear. It’s time for a larger, more productive autoclave!

The brand-new Smart Autoclave 300M offers the same ease and efficiency as the rest of our line, but with an ample 300-liter/79.25-gallon capacity. That’s twice the volume of its next-largest sibling.

From bustling medical labs slammed with equipment requests, to mushroom cultivators tired of babysitting rows of pressure cookers, the 300M means more volume per cycle and less time spent sterilizing.

Some other autoclaves struggle with temperature uniformity in these larger volumes. We’ve spec’d a digital PID controller and three heaters for the same, steady control you expect from SH Scientific. 

We’ve also added some features that make this model not only our largest, but also our most user-friendly.

  • An all-new manual steam release valve for fast and safe cooling. This allows for a quick, controlled release of steam that accelerates cooling (and spares your team from standing by in the hot, sticky air). Mushroom cultivators, in particular, will appreciate the ability to cool faster without rupturing bags due to abrupt pressure changes.
  • The display can now show temperature in °F and pressure in both psig and bar to save you the trouble of converting on the fly.
  • An emergency stop switch for immediate shut-off. This is an additional safeguard on top of existing features like water-level sensors, an excess pressure relief valve, over-temperature protection, and an electric leakage circuit breaker.

Getting started with the SH 300M Smart Autoclave

The 300M arrives ready to use right out of the box. No wasted time, no safety hazards from human error during assembly, and no utilities hook-ups.

Once it’s unpacked and plugged in, operation is set-and-forget.

  1. Fill the water reservoir and load your materials into the chamber.
  2. Use the digital controller to enter sterilization temperature and time.
  3. Step away and let the automated cycle run. No need to stand in the steamy heat and monitor pressure!
  4. When the cycle completes, manually release steam to expedite cooling (if desired), then unload your materials once cooled.

The 300M’s documentation will walk you through some finer points, and our US-based support team can help you get the most out of your autoclave.

What else is new with the 300M?

  • 300L chamber measuring 637mm (25.1″) in diameter x 952mm (37.5″) in height
  • Fully automated operation
  • Large 20″ (500mm) door for convenient front loading/unloading
  • Even safer double housing comprising a stainless steel internal chamber and aluminum frame & stainless steel external case
  • Manual steam release control for faster cooling without harmful pressure changes
  • Over-pressure protection safety valve that kicks in at 29 psig (2.0 bar)
  • Four high-quality casters (two with brakes) for easy set-up and relocation
  • High-accuracy digital PID controller
  • No water supply connection needed
  • No drainage connection needed
  • “Plug-and-play” design saves time and eliminates risk of potentially fatal explosion from human error
Autoclave Test Data Chart


  • Mushroom cultivation
  • Academic labs
  • Bioengineering, biopharmaceutical & bioprocessing
  • Cannery, brewery, winery & distillery
  • Engineering & testing labs
  • Pathology & clinic
  • Food processing

Reach out today

SH Scientific autoclaves are trusted by labs and food and beverage producers throughout North America and Asia. And with the capacious new 300M, we can help more facilities become more productive than ever before.

To prepare your order, or to request more technical information on the 300M or our other offerings, our sales office is here to help.