Cart Furnace for Efficient Thermal Treatment

Cart Furnace

Introducing the SH Scientific Cart Furnace: Thermal Treatment at Scale

Muffle furnaces are versatile and effective, but their limited capacity is often a bottleneck.

Our cart furnace enables more efficient thermal treatment of large samples and bulk quantities.

  • Extremely large capacity of 1,175 liters or more
  • Up to 1600°C max operating temperature
  • Programmable digital controller
  • Powder-coated steel case and frame
  • Ceramic interior with 45 kW Kanthal® or other high-temperature heating elements
  • Internal dimensions of 750 mm (w) x 1650 mm (d) x 950 mm (h) or larger
  • External dimensions of 1660 mm (w) x 4200 mm (d) x 1954 mm (h) or larger
Cart Furnace for Industrial Uses

How Are Our Cart Furnaces Used?

Cart furnaces make sense when a muffle furnace is technically appropriate but lacks capacity. They’re optimal for large-scale heat treatment, most often in applications like:

Battery R&D

Stay competitive in this rapidly expanding market with uncompromising sintering, annealing, and even chemical vapor deposition.

Ceramic debinding & sintering

Remove binders at 200°C to 550°C and seamless transition into sintering at higher temperatures.

Release agent removal

Quickly and efficiently remove release agents such as waxes, fatty esters, silicones, and metallic soaps from your molds. If your facility is responsible for cleaning numerous molds of different sizes, our cart furnace will bring dramatic time and labor savings.

Bulk pyrolysis

Save time and space while processing larger samples for biomass decomposition and other forms of bulk pyrolysis.

Why SH Scientific?

Like our entire line, every cart furnace is built in South Korea and supported from our US sales office.

They’re already indispensable to many of our industrial customers overseas, so we’re proud to introduce an option for the North American market.

Does your facility have more unique needs?

Inquire about our ODM/OEM services, in-house R&D, and custom manufacturing capabilities.

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