How To Sterilize Growth Media The Easy Way


How To Sterilize Growth Media The Easy Way

SH Scientific empowers specialty growers to scale their operations, achieve more consistent quality, and free up time.

Too often, growing on a budget means babysitting DIY sterilizers or tending to a fleet of rice cookers. 

These things do work…at least more often than not. But what they save in dollars, they cost in hours.

At some point, sterilization becomes a whole other job of its own, consuming time that’s better spent conducting research or running the business.

So, consider this:

How would quality and productivity improve if you could sterilize more growth media, in less time, while staying completely hands-off?

Could that mean…

  • Fewer devices to make space for?
  • Fewer sterilizing cycles to plan each day around?
  • No DIY equipment to micromanage?
  • Full confidence that every media bottle is truly sterile?

With our research-grade autoclaves, you can adopt the same automated sterilization process trusted by commercial and research growers worldwide.

Why do growers prefer autoclaves?

Agar is a practical, hygienic medium for growing plants in controlled environments.

It can be sterilized to prevent the introduction of diseases. And germinating with agar can provide quicker growth than soil-starting. Consequently, it’s a standard choice for nurseries, plant growers, entomologists, and botanists.

But this all assumes proper sterilization in the first place.

And with the small, home-grade sterilizers that many growers rely on, that means endless cycles with endless details to track.

Is the pressure adequate…but not too high? Has it reached sterilization temperature? Is it getting too hot? Is someone watching the timer? Did we even start the timer? Is it safe to open yet?

This stuff isn’t rocket science, but it all takes time. The same time that could go to any number of other priorities.

SH Scientific autoclaves sterilize several times more growth media in a single, automated cycle.

It’s a literally set-and-forget process:

  1. Fill the chamber with 2 to 3 gallons of distilled water.
  2. Use the digital controller to select a cycle.
  3. Let it run quietly as you attend to other tasks.
  4. Wait for the automatic, pressure-sensitive door lock to release itself.

We understand the importance of getting up and running, not fiddling with new equipment, so the ease of use starts from day one.

All autoclaves arrive assembled, and require nothing more than an outlet.

  • No perplexing instructions
  • No plumbing hook-ups
  • No sitting on hold with overseas support
  • No waiting to get started

Which Model is Right For You?

We offer a few capacities to suit different workflows and budgets. All offer the same “plug-and-play” experience and are designed to operate at 20 psi and 121° C.

Many growers prefer the 100L & 150 L model, which holds two large baskets of autoclavable glass bottles or polypropylene containers. It has enough capacity to keep larger producers running smoothly, and may also be cost-effective for smaller outfits who anticipate scaling up.

Another popular starting point is our lower-priced 60 L option, with the capacity for two medium baskets of media bottles.

Thanks to wide and deep pressure chambers, these have roughly 3-7 times the capacity of the largest pressure cookers, letting you sterilize the same amount of growth media in far fewer cycles.

Model nameSH-AC-60M (60L)SH-AC-100M (100L)SH-AC-150M (150L)
Chamber size350⌀ x 630mm
13.8 x 24.8″
440⌀ x 650mm
17.3 x 25.6″
510⌀ x 740mm
20.0 x 29.0″
Basket size330⌀ x 265mm
13.0 x 10.4″
425⌀ x 265mm
16.7 x 10.4″
475⌀ x 280mm
18.7 x 11.0″
Autoclave Capacity by Model

Small and large bottles and containers are all suitable, as long as they are autoclavable. Below are the most common types that are suitable for autoclave use.

Autoclavable Bottles from
MaterialBorosilicate GlassPolypropyleneHD Polyethylene
Max Temp130C130C120C
Autoclavable Containers Chart

Getting started with SH Scientific

SH autoclaves offer trustworthy, efficient sterilization for growers of all sizes. Whether you’re expanding a successful business or just getting started, our Korea-built and US-supported equipment will offer years of no-fuss service.

Contact us to learn more, discuss customizations, or get expert help choosing the right model for your needs.

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