Autoclaves for Mushroom Growers

Our autoclaves are a game-changer for mushroom cultivators seeking both capacity and quality. Purpose-built for mushroom growing needs, our autoclaves are designed with a focus on large capacity, ensuring growers can handle significant volumes efficiently. For instance, the model 300M can manage up to 600 lbs per day, while the 1200M can accommodate a massive 2000 lbs daily.

Each autoclave undergoes stringent quality inspections at our facility in South Korea and most crucially, our autoclaves are directly supported under the U.S. Warranty from the U.S. Headquarters. This ensures that, in the rare event of an issue, mushroom growers have swift and reliable assistance right from the U.S. In a market filled with cheaper, less reliable options, SH Scientific provides mushroom growers with durable equipment and the peace of mind of a solid warranty.