Our MGVQ line of quartz chamber vacuum muffle furnaces provide a cleanroom right inside your furnace’s chamber.

This series brings comprehensive programmability and complete gas flow control—ideal for calcination, sintering, and annealing.

What’s more, the high-performance quartz interior delivers three distinct advantages:

    • Ensures non-contaminating cleanroom conditions for delicate samples
    • Extends the life of the heating elements
    • Enhances temperature control for even more precise thermal treatment
What’s New in 2024
  • (Optional) Testo 300 Combustion Gas Analyzer for Monitoring Oxygen-free atmosphere inside the chamber or tube and measure combustion gas and synthetic gas components – Contact us for available options
  • (Optional) Laboratory Gas-Drying Unit by Drierite™ with Connector
  • (Optional) Quartz Shelf Designed to Maximize Available Space in the Chamber
  • (Optional) Digital Vacuum Precision Meter by DigiVac

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