Our standalone muffle furnaces are the simplest and most economical way to perform thermal testing, treatment, and processing.

With max temperatures from 1,050°C to 1,900°C and chamber volumes from 3L to 36L, there’s a cost-effective yet uncompromising option for your laboratory.

Most models are compatible with ball type gas flow meters. A programmable controller is included with the MH and MS series, and available for the MG series. (Note that MGE furnaces do not support programmable controllers.)

What’s New in 2024
  • (Optional) Testo 300 Combustion Gas Analyzer for Monitoring Oxygen-free atmosphere inside the chamber or tube and measure combustion gas and synthetic gas components – Contact us for available options
  • (Optional) Laboratory Gas-Drying Unit by Drierite™ with Connector
  • (Optional) Quartz Shelf Designed to Maximize Available Space in the Chamber
  • (Optional) Digital Vacuum Precision Meter by DigiVac

The availability of certain options may vary depending on the specific model or configuration of the muffle furnace.