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Vacuum Muffle Furnaces

Vacuum Muffle Furnace

We’re proud to announce our vacuum muffle furnaces with a large-volume, oxygen-free environment.

Many labs often face a trade-off between the high capacity but limited atmospheric gas control of a muffle furnace, versus the more precise atmospheric control but limited sample size of a tube furnace.

By integrating a vacuum pump and inert gas management into the larger chamber of a muffle furnace, we’ve created a way to achieve highly consistent saturation with ample space for more and larger samples.

  • Chamber volumes from 1.5 to 31 L
  • Maximum temperatures of 1200° C or 1500° C
  • 98+ inert gas presets

Muffle Furnaces

Muffle Furnace

Every SH muffle furnace offers high performance and reasonable prices. Right off the shelf, our wide selection of chamber sizes and temperature ranges will suit most laboratories.

Need an even larger-scale solution for mass production?

Simply share your vision with your SH representative, and our in-house team will produce a furnace up to any size you can conceive of!


The most cost-effective option for thermal treatment.

  • Chamber volumes from 3 to 36 L off the shelf
  • Maximum temperatures of 1050° C, 1200° C and 1500°C 


Equipped for more demanding conditions with MoSi2 heating elements.

  • Chamber volumes from 4.5 to 22 L off the shelf
  • Maximum temperatures of 1800° C or 1900° C

Tube Furnaces

Turn-key Vacuum Tube Furnace

Our tube furnaces offer high-precision heating and inert gas management for smaller samples.

Easy hinged access and a sliding design make them quick to access, heat, and cool in hectic labs.

  • Tube diameters of 50, 80, 100, or 120 mm
  • Maximum temperatures of 1200° C, 1500° C, or 1800° C
  • Multiple hot zone configuration options

With gas supply system

Ready for gas exchange and non-oxidation processes with an integrated ball type gas flow meter or optional mass flow controller, programmable digital controller, and optional back pressure regulator.

With vacuum pump & chiller

A turn-key package that maximizes gas control and extends longevity thanks to a vacuum pump and recirculating chiller.



Our research-grade autoclaves are among the safest and most intuitive on the market.

Their compelling pricing and excellent temperature uniformity (± 1°C at 121°C) make them the choice of laboratories, food producers, and beverage bottlers around the world.

  • Capacities from 60 to 300 L
  • Space-efficient vertical design
  • Numerous pressure and temperatures safeguards

Quality. Innovation. Results.

Every SH Scientific product reflects decades of collaboration with leading R&D labs, academic facilities, and industrial firms. 

The entire line is built in South Korea, supported from our American sales office, and subject to the same, rigorous quality control processes.

For complete technical information, or to inquire about our in-house OEM/ODM capabilities, please contact us.

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