Gas Analyzer

Combustion Gas Analyzer Add on for SH Lab Furnaces

SH Scientific has seamlessly integrated the Testo 300 Combustion Gas Analyzer into their suite of laboratory furnaces, optimizing its use to elevate the precision and efficiency of experiments. This strategic integration ensures that the analyzer works in perfect harmony with SH Scientific’s furnaces, offering an unmatched level of control over the oxygen-free atmosphere within the chamber or tube. The customization and tuning of the Testo 300 specifically for SH Scientific’s equipment allow for the most accurate monitoring and measurement of combustion and synthetic gas components, crucial for a wide array of scientific inquiries.

This bespoke integration empowers researchers and scientists to conduct experiments with an enhanced level of accuracy and repeatability. By precisely controlling the gas composition and maintaining an ideal experimental environment, SH Scientific’s furnaces equipped with the Testo 300 Gas Analyzer enable groundbreaking research in fields such as material science, chemical engineering, and environmental studies. The analyzer’s advanced detection capabilities ensure that any variations in gas concentration are identified and adjusted for in real-time, guaranteeing optimal conditions for each experiment.