High Temperature Tube Furnace

High-temperature tube furnace is a sophisticated piece of equipment designed for various experimental and treatment purposes, particularly under non-oxidation atmospheres. The high-temperature tube furnace developed by SH Scientific features a super high-temperature capability, reaching a maximum of 1800°C, with an optimal operational temperature suggested below 1650°C. The furnace comes with a vacuum system comprising a low noise vacuum pump and a recirculating chiller. Its inert gas flow management system includes a ball type gas flow meter, aluminum sealing mask, and durable stainless steel 316 valves and pipes, ensuring precise control of the atmosphere within the alumina tube.

This system is configurable with an optional multi-gas mass flow controller that can handle up to 98 different gases and a back pressure regulator for advanced experiments. It offers fast cooldown capabilities using inert gas flow and is nearly fully assembled for convenient ‘plug and play’ operation.

The furnace is equipped with a high accuracy programmable controller capable of managing 2 patterns with 15 segments each, totaling 30 segments for precise temperature control within +/-1°C, facilitated by SCR operation. It is available in various tube sizes and features multiple hot zones.

Durability and ease of maintenance are assured with a SiC heating element and the easy replacement of MoSi2 components. Its lightweight construction and ceramic insulation allow for rapid heating. Safety features include a built-in over-temperature protector. Overall, this furnace represents a turnkey solution for high-precision, controlled environment experiments.