Tubular Furnace

A type of heating device, also known as a “tube furnace,” characterized by its elongated, cylindrical shape that encloses a high-temperature chamber.

SH Scientific’s tube furnaces, developed from extensive feedback from commercial and research partners, are tailored to meet the requirements of a wide array of scientific and industrial applications. These furnaces provide easy, hinged access and can achieve maximum temperatures ranging from 1200°C to 1900°C, accommodating various material processing needs. The furnaces come with several options, including quartz or alumina tubes in different sizes and configurations from single hot zones to more than five hot zones. Layout possibilities include horizontal, vertical, rotating, and sliding functions to suit specific operational needs.

Industries employing tubular furnaces for research are diverse, covering materials science for the development of ceramics and composites; chemical engineering for catalysis research and chemical synthesis; electronics for semiconductor processing and component thermal testing; energy, especially in solar cells and battery materials development; and environmental science for atmospheric pollution control and waste management studies.

From economical general-purpose models to advanced ultra-high-temperature systems, all SH Scientific equipment is subject to rigorous quality control and inspection processes. Most models can also be equipped with a gas supply system, vacuum pump, and chiller to achieve comprehensive atmospheric control, making these tubular furnaces highly adaptable to the varied processing requirements of different research sectors and industries.