Quartz Tube Furnace

A Quartz Tube Furnace by SH Scientific is an advanced piece of laboratory equipment, tailor-made for thermal processing of samples while ensuring visibility during the procedure. Central to its design is a clear quartz tube, serving as the heating chamber, which allows researchers to monitor the samples in real-time—a critical feature for experiments needing close observation of sample changes.

The versatility of these furnaces is evident in their capability to support a controlled atmosphere, made possible by vacuum and inert gas flow options. This feature is pivotal for experiments necessitating an oxygen-free environment or specific atmospheric conditions. Control over gas flow is facilitated through integrated gas flow meters, and some models enhance this precision with mass flow controllers.

SH Scientific’s Quartz Tube Furnaces stand out for their customizability, convenience, and high specifications, offering a compelling choice in the market. They support a wide range of tube sizes, with diameters up to 120 mm readily available, accommodating larger sample sizes efficiently. For even greater sample sizes, custom orders for tubes with diameters of 200 and 274 mm are available.

A turn-key system provides full atmospheric control, essential for effective thermal treatment. This system includes a low-noise vacuum pump, a digital mass flow controller, and a back-pressure regulator, streamlining the process of chamber evacuation and inert gas flushing, even through multiple cycles.

An innovative feature of SH Scientific’s furnaces is their superior sealing mechanism. Unlike traditional silicone sealing gaskets that can harden and degrade with prolonged heat exposure, these furnaces use a proprietary water cooling system. This system circulates water at ­20° C through the door assembly, preventing the hardening of sealing masks and ensuring sustained atmospheric integrity throughout the furnace’s lifespan.